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Student Services

Optometry students have access to resources and services in the Student Services within the College of Optometry. These services are part of what makes Pacific University a great place to complete your education!

One of the things we do is organize different programs and events that assist and support students. Some examples are scheduling and registration of all students, acting as the liaison between students and University offices, and working with the student government (Student Optometric Association). Events that we plan include New Student Orientation, White Coat Ceremony, and Practice Opportunity Fairs, among others.

Another main part of our purpose is to assist students with issues that may not be academic in nature, but affect academic performance. This can include personal/family stress, medical emergencies, financial hardships, etc. We also serve as advocates for students if they need help working out concerns or issues with faculty members or administrators. Our doors are always open, and we encourage students to stop in at any time.

Student Services is where you begin when you’re not sure what to do or where to go!

Student Accolades

Our students continue to excel academically. The National Board exams, which represent a national standard of entry-level competence to practice optometry, shows how our students scored in national comparisons. For the class of 2014, the ultimate pass rate for Pacific University students who took all three parts was 100 percent!

NBEO Pass Rates

Class of 2015


PUCO - First Time Test Takers

National - First Time Test Takers

Part I: ABS



Part II: PAM






Class of 2016

PUCO - First Time Test Takers

National - First Time Test Takers

Part I: ABS

94.12% 76.90%
Part II: PAM, Form A 98.18%


Part II: PAM, Form B 92.59%


Part III: CSE n/a


Graduation Rates

   4-Year  Ultimate Grad Rate
2015 94% 94%
2014 96% 97%
2013 96% 97%
2012 96% 97%
2011 93% 95%

Number of Pacific Students Who Matched with Residency Programs 

   2016:   14
   2015:   15
   2014:   14

Student Award Recipients

2015 Award Recipients (pdf)
2014 Award Recipients (pdf)
2013 Award Recipients (pdf)
2012 Award Recipients (pdf)
2011 Award Recipients (pdf)
2010 Award Recipients (pdf)