School of Physical Therapy

The Pacific University School of Physical Therapy offers a three-year doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree granted to students who complete the entry-level program. The school also offers a master's degree in athletic training. In addition, the school operates physical therapy clinics in Cornelius and Hillsboro. The school has been graduating professional physical therapists since 1977. The School of Physical Therapy is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). 


The School of Physical Therapy, a member of the College of Health Professions at Pacific University, provides theoretical and applied education of exceptional quality in physical therapy. Through service and evidence-based practice, graduates are prepared to be ethical, autonomous, critically thinking practitioners who effectively respond to the ever-changing demands of the profession and society.



The faculty of the School of Physical Therapy, with diverse practice and academic backgrounds, are role models who encourage an open and positive learning environment. A patient-focused core curriculum fosters critical thinking and an ability to achieve and maintain current best practice.


The School of Physical Therapy provides an atmosphere for students to evolve into competent generalist practitioners who are prepared to function autonomously in a multidisciplinary direct-access environment. Graduates serve the public and the physical therapy profession through ethical behavior, patient/client advocacy, life-long learning, and evidence-based practice. The school also presents opportunities for licensed practitioners to augment knowledge, skills, and behaviors commensurate with the clinical doctorate credential.


The School of Physical Therapy values all members that constitute its community. It especially values the participation and contributions of our students, faculty, staff, clinical instructors, and alumni in the development, implementation, and evaluation of our program. We value the diversity of the community by teaching cultural awareness and competency, fostering service to society, advocacy and the sharing of professional knowledge and skills.


The School of Physical Therapy values altruistic service to all recipients of physical therapy. The school models and pursues opportunities for learning through service to the community. The school promotes an appreciation for and development of advocacy skills in local, state, and national political agendas that impact physical therapy clients and persons with disabilities.


The faculty and staff of the School of Physical Therapy value their students as adults with diversity of backgrounds and aspirations. The school guides their experiences as they continue to learn and master the knowledge, skill, professional and clinical behaviors necessary to succeed in their chosen profession: physical therapy.