Residencies | Master of Fine Arts in Writing

MFA Faculty at June residency

Every semester in the MFA program begins with a 10-day residency at the Oregon coast (winter) or at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon (summer).

Residencies feature readings, workshops, panels, and lectures by award-winning authors of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Residencies are scheduled twice a year in January and June.

The next residency will be held on campus in Forest Grove, Oregon, from June 16-26, 2016. 

What Students Are Saying

"This residency was not about meeting my expectations; it was about setting goals and then, when I least expected it, blowing them apart. For me this was an amazing process and I am grateful."

"I felt honored to be among such talent. I felt even more honored to have been selected as a student in the program after witnessing the talent of our students during the reading on Wednesday night."

"The workshops made me reconsider my own craft and my eagerness to offer my opinions of another writer's work…I allowed myself to dig into the content and matter more thoroughly and discovered more possibilities for diversity in my own work."

"Being here has brought back the thirst for literary writing, a thirst for writing that is carefully crafted in content and structure."

"This residency was both intellectually and spiritually gratifying, and also mentally and physically exhausting. But the exhaustion is almost like a war badge, a sign that I have completed and started an honorable path: a path of creation, discovery, and community."


George Wallace (Poetry 2010) Author of Poppin' Johnny and Writer in Residence, Walt Whitman Birthplace, 2011-2013

"The MFA program at Pacific gave me a professional foundation for the craft I'd pursued on my own for so long. You might as well call me The Poet Who Came in From the Cold."




Heather Sappenfield (Fiction, 2011) Winner of the Danahy Fiction Prize, Tampa Review, 2011

"What the faculty really taught me was how to summon elements of craft to life on the page and to be fearless and unrelenting in my pursuit. I'm still awed that they were able to teach me this and I'm forever grateful."