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BSU Plans Basketball Tournament, Fundraiser

The Black Student Union will host a basketball tournament fundraiser for charity on March 31. Sign up to participate in various contests, or come cheer on the participants.

Tennis Team Offers Adult Clinic

All ability levels are welcome at the March 14 clinic. Cost is $25. Please RSVP.

Save Your Email Quotas! Send Files as Box Links

Now that everyone has access to Box, you can stop sending files as attachments to email messages. Read on for concrete tips on eliminating attachments by using Box.

Boxer Giving Day is Next Week

Make a gift and spread the word to help Pacific gather gifts from 2,016 donors in 24 hours.

Learn How to Personally Prepare for an Emergency

The Staff Professional Development Committee is providing sessions on how staff, faculty and students can personally prepare for a number of possible disaster scenarios.

Update Your Beneficiaries

The open enrollment period is a great reminder to double-check your beneficiary information with your benefit providers. 

Verboort Road Closure Begins Monday, March 7

Road north of Forest Grove will be closed for four months to construct roundabout at Highway 47 intersection.

Streamline Working with Files in Box

Install and use Box Edit to quickly and easily add and change files within Box. Windows users can also install and use Box for Office to work seamlessly with Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, as well as Outlook attachments.


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