Undergraduate Student Senate

Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) serves as the official representative body of the undergraduate university student community by actively participating in campus governance. USS shall foster a spirit of unity and cooperation, providing representation of Pacific University students in coordination with the Faculty and Staff governing bodies. USS shall also provide a forum for the exchange of information between members of the administration, faculty, staff and students. USS shall contribute to the advancement of the University’s mission and vision by supporting the educational environment of the institution.

We hold weekly Senate meetings is in the Library Conference Room on Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m. There are both voting members and non-voting representatives during full senate meetings. The senate weekly meetings are open to all memebers of the Pacific community.

We encourage all students to connect with us with any issues or concerns. Our office is located in UC 104.


Mallory Hiefield 17’ | hief4504@pacificu.edu

VP of Campus Betterment

Pablo Valenzuela 17’ | niev8281@pacificu.edu

VP of Communications

Katie Lightcap 18’  | ligh5404@pacificu.edu

VP of Finance

Michael Ashley 17’ | ashl7895@pacificu.edu

VP of Leadership

Lorraine Basch 17’ | basc0129@pacificu.edu


Steve Klein | kleinsk@pacificu.edu