Student Health Center

Keeping life balanced is not easy in the busy world of college. Pacific University's Student Health Center provides confidential medical services to help you stay healthy and succeed in your academic and personal life.

Who is Eligible for Health Center Services?

The Student Health Center provides services to students enrolled in one or more credits regardless of insurance coverage.

The students in the following programs are not eligible for Student Health Center services: Master of Fine Arts, Eugene Campus, Woodburn Campus, Gerontology, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Compliance, and Bachelor of Health Services. In addition, university staff and family members are not eligible for services.

Services are bridged during summer and winter breaks for returning students.

Flu Vaccines are currently available — Call for an appointment. Cost is $25. Pay with check, cash or charge to your student account.

More information for the clinic locations and hours is available at appointments.

About Confidentiality

All Health Center medical records are private, confidential and protected by law. The Student Health Center utilizes an electronic health record (EHR) system as part of Pacific University, and operates that system as part of a collaborative with OCHIN, who supplies information technology and related services to Pacific University and other OCHIN members. Pacific University, as a whole is one service member within the OCHIN collaborative and therefore the multiple Pacific University clinics who utilize this EHR system have access to medical records of OCHIN patients. Pacific University policy states that accessing records as part of one's job duties is permissible but an employee in violation of patient confidentiality may result in loss of professional licensure and employment. 

A current list of OCHIN members is available on the OCHIN website. Immunization information is shared with graduate health profession programs so that students may be cleared for clinical rotations. The Health Center's records remain separate from other University files and are not considered educational records; there are exceptions regarding danger to self and others which you can discuss with the Health Center staff. For complete privacy information please read the Notice of Privacy Practice.