Outdoor Leadership Courses

Take your love for the outdoors to the next level by signing up for an Outdoor Leadership Course!

While not all Outdoor Leadership students begin their sequence with much experience, all have a passion for adventure and desire to learn and grow. As students complete Outdoor Leadership courses, they learn more than just technical skills that allow them to lead others safely in the outdoors. Students gradually develop judgement and decision-making skills, group facilitation, risk management, and teaching capacity: all squalities that will be useful throughout life.

A number of Pacific graduates owe their success to the Outdoor Leadership minor. Outdoor Leadership provides you with skills that are sought after by many graduate programs as well as prospective employers.

Coursework begins with an introduction to basic outdoor skills and advances step-by-step until students are able to lead and teach others. As students progress through the curriculum, they will be encouraged to contribute appropriate levels of assistance, planning and leadership. All levels of outdoor experience are welcome!

For more information on the classes or the minor, stop by the Outdoor Pursuits office or contact Phil Zook Friesen (outdoor leadership minor director) at 503-352-2264 or phil@pacificu.edu

Fall 2014

Outdoor Recreation

HPER-157 (1 credit) Fall and Spring
Learn basic skills in backpacking, canoeing and camp management. Outdoor Recreation is a course that teaches skills that will teach students the foundations necessary for more advanced Outdoor Leadership courses. Students apply their learning while on weekend and day trips with the class.

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

HPER-159 (2 credits)
Gain the necessary skills to plan and lead your own kayak trip with our Introduction to Sea Kayaking class. This class teaches skills such as boat care, water navigation, paddling technique, rescue techniques and water safety. It includes weekly pool sessions and uses occasional
weekend trips for application of skills.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

HPER-158 (2 credit)
Learn the basics of rock climbing which include belaying, movement, anchor set-up, and gain familiarity with lead climbing. Several field trips are made to some of the area's best indoor rock climbing gyms and two weekend trips for outdoor climbing are included. Students will acquire the skills that prepare them for the Single Pitch Rock Instructor course.

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership

OL-207 (2 credits)
Introduction to the principles and techniques inherent to leading others in the outdoors. Focuses include: teaching outdoor skills (such as cooking, shelter building, navigation, trip preparation, and travel technique) and facilitation of group dynamics. A few multi-day trips are included. (Prerequisite: HPER-157)

Winter 2015

Ski/Snowboard Course

HPER-157 (Ski)
HPER-160 (Snowboard)
(1 credit)
Do what you love for credit! This course provides six trips throughout February and March to Mt. Hood Meadows to improve your ski/snowboard skills. Lessons are offered for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s always something to learn and improve upon!
*Additional cost for ski/snowboard rental and lift tickets.

Wilderness First Responder

OL-107 (2 credits)
Through lecture, lab and practical sessions, students learn how to assess and treat common injuries and medical problems that may occur in remote settings. This course provides students with valuable experiences that will improve judgement and promote incident prevention. Passing this course gives students  Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification for two years.

Spring 2015

Applied Outdoor Leadership

OL-307 (4 credits)
Fine tune and further develop skills learned in Intro to Outdoor Leadership. This course places an emphasis on teaching good decision-making, judgement, and critical thinking in outdoor settings. Students demonstrate leadership, group facilitation, risk management, planning and logistics, environmental integration and education skills on longer-duration expeditions. (Prerequisite: OL-207)

Coastal Sea Kayaking Instructor

OL-309 (2 credits)
Build on skills learned in Introduction to Sea Kayaking. Students are introduced to group management and navigation skills in challenging water. This course addresses topics such as chart and compass use, boat handling, multi-day trip planning, and intermediate to advanced water skills like the Eskimo Roll. (Prerequisite: HPER-159)

Single Pitch Rock Instructor

OL-308 (2 credits)
Students learn skills required to lead outdoor climbing trips. Skills taught include anchor building, route cleaning, rappelling, participant coaching, group management, high angle rescue, and base management. Students also progress in their ability to lead single pitch sport and traditional climbs. Students attend a combination of gym and outdoor climbing sessions.
(Prerequisite: HPER-158)

Outdoor Leadership Seminar

OL-407 (1 credit)
Students are encouraged to synthesize the principles, practices, theories, ethics and philosophy presented throughout their pursuit of the Outdoor Leadership minor. This course will also look at how leadership skills learned in the minor can be applied to future professions in the outdoors and other careers. (Prerequisite: OL-307)