Study Abroad in Poitiers, France

Program Information Requirements
Curriculum Important Dates
Housing and Meals  

Program Information

Experience life in an ancient city where fifteen centuries of Western civilization are still evident in buildings graced by Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance architecture. Today, Poitiers is a center for education, agriculture, industry and communications. A university town, it boasts a population of 120,000 and offers students a chance to live in a manageably sized city while still being close to larger metropolitan centers in France.

Established in 1431, the University of Poitiers is a highly regarded institution within France which provides 24,500 students a full range of top quality courses in its schools of Science, Liberal Arts, Pharmacy and Medicine, Engineering, Law, Economics, and Management. Pacific students can attend courses at the university's Centre de Francais Langue Etrangere (CFLE) or enroll in regular university classes.


Once you arrive in Poitiers, you will participate in a two-week on-site orientation known as "stage", an intensive cultural and linguistic course for which you will receive 4 credits. During this time, your language skills will be evaluated in order to determine your placement level in the Centre de Francais Langue Etrangere (CFLE).

After the orientation in Poitiers, most participants will continue improving their language ability in the Centre de Francais Langue Etrangere (CFLE), while those students sufficiently fluent in French may also take regular courses at the university in subject areas that interest them. All classes are taught by University of Poitiers faculty members.

Housing and Meals

The Poitiers program allows you the flexibility to choose from a range of housing options. During the orientation, you may choose to live with a family or in a dorm. For the rest of your stay your options include a homestay family, a residence hall, a room in boarding house, or a small apartment. If you participate for the full year you can also choose to live with a family for the first semester and then move into an apartment the second semester. You will have access to cooking facilities and can eat very inexpensively at student restaurants.


Minimum GPA : 2.75

Language : Must have completed level 102 of college French, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in French.

Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester.

Important Dates

Application Deadline : February 12, 2016

Program Dates :

  • Late August until late May