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This section contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If there is a question that remains unanswered, please contact a Business Office Staff to further assist you.

Student Accounts

Important Payment Information:
Make a payment online

Mail payments to:
Business Office
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR  97116
Make sure the student’s full name and ID number is on check.

What do I do if I can’t make a payment?

Contact the Business Office as soon as possible to inform them of your situation and your attempts to make payment. They can further help you and give you advice on what to do for your situation.

What if I already have insurance?

Fill out an Insurance Waiver Form by the deadline.

1098T Tax Form Information

2015 1098T Tax Forms for eligible students will be mailed and also made available on BoxerOnline, no later than the end the day Friday, January 29, 2016. 

(Please note:  If you are a student who has graduated already and need to refresh your BoxerOnline login information, please contact the TIC at  or by phone: Main Campus (503) 352-1500 or HPC Campus: (503) 352-7243.)


What is a 1098T Tax Form?

This is a tax form that includes qualified tuition and fees; scholarships, grants and other third-party receipts (not including loans or payments from student or family members); indication of at least half-time status; indication if the student was a graduate student; all according to the date they were posted to the student’s account, within the calendar tax year.

Important note: Usually tuition charges and fees for the Spring semester are charged to the student’s account in the preceding November/December timeframe and therefore, are included in the tax form for the calendar tax year preceding the start date of the Spring semester, with Box 7 check-marked to indicate that a portion of the tuition charges and fees in Box 2, are for an academic period beginning January-March of the following year.  However, Spring semester’s financial aid that would be reported in Box 5 -scholarships, grants and other third-party receipts (not including loans or payments from student or family members), does not post to the student’s account until after January 1st, therefore is reported on the following tax year’s 1098T form. 

Additionally important to note:  Educational institutions can report either in Box 1 (payments) or Box 2 (qualified tuition and fees), but not both.  Pacific University has always reported the Box 2 method, therefore, please understand that payments you make to your account are not reported by the University.  If you file your tax return based on what you paid for qualified tuition and fees, the University’s 1098T tax form does not include that information and your supporting documentation for your payments would include, but not limited to, your payment receipts, the student account statement or otherwise.  For questions regarding a student account, please contact our Student Account Coordinator, Ben Bateman at

To clarify information recorded on your 1098T Tax Form, or if you did not receive the form (and are eligible to receive one), you may send your inquiry via email to the 1098T Tax Form Email Hotline at or call the 1098T Tax Form Hotline (503) 352-3198, which is a voice mailbox (VM).  Include your name, phone number, student ID or SSN and your question, so that research can be done prior to responding.  If you are a parent calling on behalf of your student, you will have to be pre-authorized on the Business Office’s Student Contract Form.  The email and VM will be checked periodically and a response provided as soon as possible.

For all other 1098T tax questions, please consult your tax preparer. Pacific University cannot legally give you advice about your taxes.

Why would I not receive a 1098T Tax Form?

Potential reasons for not receiving a 1098T Tax form:

  • Students only taking courses for which no academic credit is offered.
  • Any student who does not have a United States Social Security Number in your system profile at Pacific University.
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely covered by scholarships, grants, outside resources, government entities, tuition remission or exchange, other or combination thereof.
  • The preferred mailing address in your system profile at Pacific University is not current at the time the form is generated and mailed.  However, now the forms are also available at BoxerOnline for students eligible to receive one.  The BoxerOnline version began with the 2011 tax year.  Tax form reprints for years prior to 2011 will have to be requested through the tax form hotline number or email.
  • Students who graduated during the calendar year, whose last semester attended was in Spring and tuition charges and fees for that Spring semester were posted to the student’s account in the prior calendar year, therefore included in the prior calendar year’s 1098T Tax Form.

For additional information, including specific instructions for the 1098T form and Publication 970 – Tax Benefits for Education, please visit

Student Loans

What do I do after I graduate?

Update your contact information regularly. If you get married or move, let the loan company know as soon as possible.

What do I do if I can’t make a payment?

Call Campus Partners 800-334-8609 or Hope Villanueva 503-352-2071 or

Do I need to sign a promissory note every year?

Yes, contact the Financial Aid office.