University News

Boxer Love Story: Emma (Dessauer) Gray '95 and Steven Gray '94

Steven and Emma met during freshman orientation week on the debate team and a

Boxer Love Story: Bob Casteel '54 and Barbara (Pelton) Casteel '56

After many conversations over coffee at the Tip Top, their first date was to

Boxer Love Story: Aaron Atkins '94 and Jo (Cupps) Atkins '95

Aaron and Jo met through a mutual friend at the 1993 Mash Bash Dance.

Boxer Love Story: Jeannette (Hill) Paige '92 and Bjorn Paige '91

Twenty-two years ago Franz Kafka introduced Bjorn to Jeannette.

Boxer Love Story: Elinore Fritz Darland '53 and D. David Darland

Elinore has many happy memories but is thankful for the friendship made durin

Boxer Love Story: Joyce (Bedortha) Haller '51 and Dean Haller '51

Joyce and Dean first met in English class as freshmen in 1946 and “the rest i

Boxer Love Story: Aurora "Rae" (Salvador) Peters '65 and Clark "Rooster" Peters '65

Rae Salvador and Clark Rooster Peters met in speech class.

Boxer Love Story: Charles Young '70 and Nancy (Berggren) Young '70

Nancy Berggren and Charles Young were freshmen in the fall of 1966.

Boxer Love Story: Alice (Hook) Smock '49 and John Smock '49

Alice and her sister, Margaret, were juniors at Pacific University in 1948.

Boxer Love Story: Wayne Tate '50, MA '60 and Jean (Brodersen) Tate '52

Wayne and Jean both came to Pacific in the fall of 1948.