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Professor Bove received his PhD from Boston University in 2007 and specializes in Victorian literature and culture, British Romanticism, critical theory, and film theory. He teaches a range of courses from Romantic and Victorian Era literature to critical theory, film theory, gender and sexuality studies, and postmodernism. His recent publications include “‘The Unbearable Realism of a Dream’: On the Subject of Portraits in Austen and Dickens,” published in ELH: English Literary History, and ““‘Why does the other want to destroy me?’: The Face of the Other, the Death Drive, and $urplus Jouissance in the Time of Late Capitalism,” which appears in Mediations: Journal of the Marxist Literary Group. His current book project, Dickens and Counter-Realism: Representational Breakthroughs of the Nineteenth Century brings Lacanian theory and visual studies to the study of Charles Dickens’ illustrated novels.

ENGL 255/355 Oscar Wilde’s World   
ENGL 421  The Romantic Period
ENGL 422-01  The Victorian Era
ENGL 343  Literature & Critical Theory
ENGL 2/355   Postmodernism in Film and Lit
ENGL 430  Major Authors: Charles Dickens
ENGL 430  Major Authors: 19th C British Novel
ENGL 255/355 Crime and Mystery Film/Lit

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